CAEE/ACEA: Objectives

CAEE/ACEA / Friday, September 1st, 2006

September 2006: This description is not up to date.

We are young Central American and North American scientists, with diverse specialties and interests. Our goals are multifaceted. The internet has facilitated the direct distribution of information by scientists, organizations, governments, and individuals, and this is no less true for Central America; a wealth of information already exists. However, this information is often disconnected and difficult to find. We are collecting and thematically organizing links to sites with information about the region as a whole, or specific countries or areas. Another objective is to collect scientific and conservation data that already exists, from international data centers or national institutions, and process it as needed to create a Central American database that can then be freely distributed to anyone and made more accessible to a wider audience. A longterm goal also is to create a network of researchers and organizations that produce or make use of ecological and environmental data, or that conduct research in the region.

We want to serve a diverse audience, ranging from scientists in the region and abroad, to nongovernmental organizations, students, ecotourists, and Central Americans interested in learning more about Central America or their own countries. We want to support and foster scientific research with a regional perspective, both by national scientists as well as those from developed nations. We also want to support regional and international NGOs in their work in Central America.

Our group is working on a voluntary basis, and in a distributed manner. This project will be successful to the extent that more people join us and contribute in any way they can, be it by sending comments on the site, writing descriptions about topics, sending links, letting us know about available datasets, or taking charge of entire topics and maintaining the pages in your own server, wherever you reside. This site is a work in progress.

The boundaries that separate our nations are artificial when it comes to the environment and biological communities. We want to increase the awareness of the shared natural heritage and environmental problems across the isthmus, and increase communication among scientists, resource managers, activists, and individuals.

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