When It Is Necessary to Block a Credit Card Immediately

Credit Card, Safety / Friday, January 12th, 2018

If a credit card is lost or if a secret PIN-code has become available to the strangers, it is necessary to block the plastic as soon as possible. In such cases client’s actions should be fast, efficient and correct, because it is not a piece of plastics but actually your money that you lose, and in some cases you may lose even the money you don’t actually have.

Here are the most common cases when you should block your card immediately:

  • you have lost a plastic;
  • you have disclosed your PIN-code or CVV to the third party;
  • you have forgotten it in the terminal or just have left on the cash desk;
  • you have been robbed off your bag with a plastic;
  • you have entered your CVV details but understood that it was a fake website;
  • you gave a plastic to your acquaintance but now doubting his or her reliability;
  • you have learned your children had taken your plastic without your permission;
  • it is a corporate plastic and you forgot where you had placed it;
  • you get messages from the bank that your money is transferred from your account, but it is not you who performs the operation;
  • you have lost a phone which number is connected to Mobile Banking.

You may block your card:

  • by a call to the bank support line;
  • by the SMS with certain text to the bank security service;
  • via online banking of the issuer.

Blocking the card by phone is the most frequent option. The support line will automatically respond. If you have the opportunity to freeze your account using an online banking, this option can be the fastest one. The main thing is to notice the loss of the credit card or its details leakages in time. Otherwise hackers and dishonest people can withdraw not only available money, but also a decent amount of credit.

Be Alert

Remember that sometimes the bank can block your card itself, for example, if you inserted a card into the ATM and entered the wrong PIN code more than three times. Or if you forget the plastic in the terminal or ATM, its functionality is also automatically suspended. However it doesn’t mean that your credit is closed.

If you want to be a decent citizen, you can block a card of another person, when you accidently find it on the street or in the store. Just contact the bank and inform it about the situation. Thus you will help another person to avoid very unpleasant feeling of losing his or her money.

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