TOP 10 Major Reasons Why a Credit Card is Better than Cash

Credit Card / Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Intelligent people use credit cards because of their convenience. But they don’t know about some of these valuable cards’ other benefits. Just get acquainted with our list and probably find something new:

Availability. It’s a bad situation if you don’t have money in your wallet and nobody wants to lend you. For this reason a credit card is specially designed to resolve your financial problem.

Mobility. With access to a Mobile Banking you may pay your bills online any time, any place. Snow, rain, bad weather now doesn’t matter at all for your financial punctuality.

Trips.  Score free miles, book more spacious room or get even free coffee –  all these if your bank established a partnership with travel websites and agencies.

Revolving credit limit. If you payback your loan during so-called grace period, you may take money from a card account next month.

Protection.  Sometimes credit card issuers provide a number of protection features. Now we say about  cases as purchase protection for goods with defective or car rental insurance. Just be aware of such options.

Savings. Surprise! A credit card can actually help to save you money. Remember: the better credit history you have, the cheaper is to borrow next time. When paying off some very important loans such as a mortgage or education cost for a long time, such savings could pile up to a huge amount. In depends on the type of your card:  just learn from bank if you can get a bunch of rewards such as cash back or shop discounts.

Security. In terms on your money protection, the benefits of a credit card compared with cash are enormous. Police barely will help you in case you were robbed of money. But the bank offers optional security tips in case of card lost or fraud. Be sure to sign up a support a support service to be constantly notified of any suspicion   actions on your account. You can’t replace lost cash. But your will for sure get another credit card, the bank will reissue it in the short period of time.

It’s also worth to notice that many credit cards are additionally protected with a number of  built-in security tips, for example chip card technology  or identification by photo. Needless to say that if somebody found several dollar banknotes on the land, he never guesses who the owner was.

  1. Emergency.  Not only can credit card help if you have lack of cash in difficult situations,    but may offer some helpful services such as travel insurance or roadside assistance. You may surf the bank’s official website in order to find protection options.
  2. A virtual credit card. Many bank issue a special banking product only for online payments. Literally you don’t have this card in your pocket.  You use it only while making operations on the Internet. It’s impossible to pay cash for some purchases or services.

VIP cards. Nobody will see how many cash you have at home. But if you are a VIP cardholder such as Golden or Platinum you get automatic access to some privileged circles. For example, you may be invited to elite country club or luxury car presentation just because you are an owner of this card.

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