How to Choose a Card for Internet Payments

Credit Card, Online Payments / Thursday, January 18th, 2018

More and more people globally follow modern trends and prefer to make purchases and pay for services online to spending time on trips to shops, banks and agencies. But for the time being not all users understand what kind of card can be more appropriate for Internet payments, and are afraid to provide card data online.

Let’s figure out what cards are, how to choose a card to use in the Internet payments on and how to protect your money from scammers.

Debit or Credit?

Depending on the funds used, bank cards are divided into three types:

  • debit card;
  • debit with overdraft card;
  • credit card.


Debit card is a card that allows you to pay and make money transactions using personal funds. Credit card is designed to perform operations on the bank’s funds. Debit with overdraft card envisages payments with personal funds and a small, relative to the owner’s salary, a loan from the bank. Without a doubt all these bank cards know have functions of online payment. But experts recommend not to use your usual salary or credit card to pay on the web because of safety reasons. A better option is to get a special card exclusively to use in online operations.

What is a Card For Online Payments?

This plastic is tied to the main account and issued on the principle of a debit card. It is used strictly for payment for services and goods on the Internet. The card account is replenished if necessary or one-time with a certain amount to pay for a particular purchase. Physically it can be completely virtual or plastic card with an individual number, validity period and CVV/CVC code. It has no chip, magnetic strip and there is no request for a PIN code when paying. It is not possible to withdraw cash from such a card; it is intended solely for online payments.

Consider the main advantages of this card:

  • Ease of use

There is no need to keep cash with you and go somewhere for shopping. The card is always at hand and does not take up much space in the wallet.

  • Security

Almost unlimited funds can be stored on the card account. This is convenient, because to keep a large amount of cash is uncomfortable and unsafe. And if you lose your bank card, you can quickly block the account and save your own funds. All payments are subject to security checks and another person will not be able to pay for purchases without knowing a special password.

  • Versatility

An Internet bank card can be used at home, traveling abroad, saving a lot of time. It is possible  to pay for purchases and or services on any website.

  • Bonus system

Banks always provide bonuses to cardholders. Discounts, refunds for purchases, and profitable offers are among them. Cards of Gold and higher level render a full-scale concierge service to their owners. If you decide to use your regular card for web shopping, just learn about bonuses for online payments by them.

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