Lady Gaga’s got her boyfriend on the phone

Throughout her lifetime, even before stardom, Lady Gaga for sure had a boyfriend or two as she was growing up. One of her earliest boyfriends was Rob Fusari, a composing partner and producer- he was the one who made up her nickname and also helped her create one of her early songs including the one found on her The Fame album, ‘Beautiful, Dirty, Rich’. On the way to fame, Gaga broke up with Fusari, this caused the man to sue her for leaving him.

Lady Gaga Phone

Another man known as Gaga’s boyfriend was Luc Carl whom she met while studying at New York University on 2005. She hang out with Carl at Club places in the Lower East side by the time she appreciated the New York Rock and Roll music genre. Carl and Gaga’s relationship lasted for a couple of years until 2011 where they finally decided to part ways. This year was also the same year where Gaga stumbled upon Vampire Diaries and Chicago Fire’s Taylor Kinney, her current boyfriend.
Kinney and Gaga met on the artist’s music video production of ‘You and I’. It was also revealed that Gaga felt a an electrocution at that time and Kinney on the other hand kissed the artist on the lips unscripted- a move which led to Gaga wondering if the guy really likes her. A couple of months after the music video production, the two started dating and officially became an item on November 2011.

The two proved that opposite do attract, with Kinney being a reserved man and Gaga being an all out woman. Even though the lovebirds oppose when it comes to their personality, the feelings for one another is very much mutual, there are a lot of images with the two posing intimately; even rarely, there are also some instances where the two are seen together whether publicly or in an event. The couple did broke up once on 2012, but the two public figures’ attraction for each another was probably too strong that they couldn’t stand the parting, hence they eventually got back together shortly after the break up incident. As of now, the couple are still going well, Gaga admitted that she allows Kinney to be always in charge; she also acknowledges the thought the she feels great knowing that her lover is also her best friend, she even quoted that it’s the best feeling ever.

Some of lady Gaga’s tour dates in the US abroad include, Seattle, Boston, Los Angeles, HoustonDallas and London. Find all the dates for Lady Gaga’s world tour here.

The use of smartphones in modern day television shows

With the almost exponential growth of smartphone technology, it comes as no surprise that modern day television shows would keep up with the trend. Check out the images below of some popular shows utilizing phones over the years and their evolution to modern day.

Saved by the Bell

Saved by the bell, such a classic 90s television show. I used to watch

Saved by the Bell

Saved by the Bell

Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire was a pivotal movie in the 90s. You’ll hear the classic catch phrase from the movie getting screamed into phones from one office to the next, “Show me the money!!”. A classic movie, that really left a mark on the decade. The image below showing Tom Cruise “Jerry Maguire” on an evolving phone.

Jerry Maguire Phone


Clueless was a movie that a lot of girls grew up with in the 90s. Based in Beverly Hills, Alicia Silverstone played a “Clueless” teenager in a coming of age role.


The Matrix

The Matrix changed the way everyone viewed the world (at least for most a little while lol). Bold statement I know. But how many times have you wondered to yourself what is out there? It really made you question your very existence, and the banana phone was every bit a part of that.


Revenge is a great show, and is about something all of us want to do sometimes. The process of getting even. You can see the now modern phone being used to great affect.

Revenge Mobile Phone

30 Rock

30 Rock was a comedy series that went for 7 glorious seasons and was funny as all hell to watch. Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghey the show’s two main characters were some of the best fun I’ve seen on Television in the 2000s and in to the 2010s. Still a hell of a show, and the a show that featured the Iphone in more than a few shots.

Future Husband - 30 Rock Phone

Future Husband – 30 Rock Phone

NRG Cases are set to boost battery life in Australia

A dying or dead cell phone battery can quickly cause a person’s day to be turned upside down. Calls, texts, and emails are missed because of a phone that has lost all its power. Wouldn’t it be great to extend the battery life of an iPhone 5? NRG cases are able to provide additional battery life for your valued iPhone 5/5s. They’re a new and remarkable accessory for your iPhone. It is a slim-fit case that includes a rechargeable battery. This extra battery is able to increase the battery of your iPhone by 100%.

Nrg Cases leopard print design… Very Cool

Don’t worry about being inconvenienced. This awesomely designed case allows you to charge your iPhone 5/5s and case at the same time. There is no need to use two different chargers for the case and the phone.

These uniquely designed cases also permit you to use all the features of your iPhone 5/5s while it is housed in its NRG case. This is very beneficial because some cases on the market are not compatible with the different functions and features of the cellular device. There will be no need to remove the phone from its case. This case also works with the iOS 7 software.

Be unique with these MFI and Apple approved cases. Whatever your style preference, NRG has a case that will be perfect for your personality. Fashion forward and monochrome chrome options are available. In addition to adding fashion to your iPhones, these cases are able to protect your mobile device for everyday wear and tear.

Make life a little more stylish and easier by purchasing a NRG case. These cases are able to protect your iPhone 5/5s, increase its battery life, and make it stylish. Choose to be preparing with a NRG case, this will become the best investment you can purchase for your iPhone.